Founded by Bartlett graduate Ashley Law in 2022, Flawk is a creative property developer transforming under-loved sites, using development opportunities as a platform to commission and support local emerging architects and designers. 

Instead of building with cheap, readily available and carbon intensive fabrics, Flawk challenges the stereotypical developer ambition to deliver the largest margins possible. At the core of Flawk is a desire to prioritise quality materials and intriguing design. Flawk is able to commission emerging designers by sourcing many materials and products direct from suppliers and manufacturers, as well as using reclaimed and repurposed materials wherever possible. This approach is evident in the highly detailed debut project, Trove, and is already apparent in future projects in Stoke Newington and Gospel Oak, where the design and construction will be sustainably delivered and independently led.

Flawk is the antithesis of development as we know it; its first project, Trove, has been architecturally redesigned with NIKJOO and reflects a close collaboration between the two studios. Law led on the interior design and curation, establishing Flawk’s intention to source and design in-house whilst creating a ‘gallery’ for independent makers through its developments.

Creating surprise and delight in the urban home, everyday fixtures and fittings have been challenged with custom-crafted pieces designed by emerging makers, including door handles by Jamie Shaw and lights by Lewis Kemmenoe. Law’s close connection with the independent creative community foregrounds Flawk’s wider ambition to commission early designs by local makers, with future plans to further support artists and make pieces available to order.

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